The Art of Gluten Free Baking

A rapidly growing number of Americans avoid gluten, the protein in wheat, rye, and barley because of an allergy or sensitivity, or because they feel its absence promotes digestive health. For some, gluten-free eating is a serious concern: roughly one percent of Americans have celiac disease, a hereditary autoimmune response to gluten that can only be treated by avoiding all traces of the substance. However, baking without gluten can be challenging because gluten contributes important properties to various types of baked products like cookies, cakes, pastries, and breads.

So, if youve adopted a gluten free lifestyle, you still deserve great-tasting nutritious food, and fortunately, I have the solution! I spent over a year developing my truly versatile gluten-free flour mixes; in fact, most people who’ve enjoyed my baking can’t tell that its even gluten free, and thats the best compliment there is.

My passion for healthy and delicious foods inspired me to develop a lineup of baking mixes now available for all of your home baking needs. Bestsellers include Organic, Gluten-Free Flour Mix and Organic, Gluten-Free Quinoa Flour. Say goodbye to dense, chalky barely edible cookies and hello to good health!

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